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Insects that live in wood structures are light brown to black in color. A woodborer feeds on wood’s starch and turns it into powder. Wood borer infestations, if left unattended, can cause costly damage to wooden floors, doors, and furniture.

The experts at Bright & Rise Pest Control offer high-quality Wood Borer Control Services to eliminate these infestations. Modern equipment and cutting-edge technology are used to supervise the operation by our specialists. Our rodent control service could be your best option if you have a wood borer infestation or any other pest problem. You will receive a high-quality control service at a fair price from a professional pest control company. There are small fly larvae that eat the wood in your home called wood borer larvae. Their feeding on the wood can severely damage your furniture, flooring, and cabinets. We use high-quality, commercial grade products to provide wood borer control in Abu Dhabi that is safe and effective.

How can wood boring insect control be improved?

The Abu Dhabi wood borer must be dealt with immediately. A new wood boring insect control system has been introduced by our company. Your wooden flooring will be protected against termites, beetles and other invading agents with the exclusive product and highly-skilled technicians offered by Bright & Rise Pest Control. Bright & Rise Pest Control is a pest control company that provides effective pest treatment for wood borer infestations in Abu-Dhabi UAE. Wood items in homes and offices should be kept up to date with humidity. To do this effectively, contact a pest control professional. The pests will never again infest your home or business with Bright & Rise Pest Control wood borer control in Abu Dhabi. Our experts pride themselves on providing the best pest control services available in the area for both residential and commercial properties. Our experts can also inspect your home for any signs of pest damage, seal off any existing entry points and create an effective long-term plan to prevent any further infestations. Contact us at Bright & Rise Pest Control today to get the best wood-borer control service from a top-notch pest control operator.

Wood borer larvae infest and feed on many types of indoor hardwood including: Oak, Maple, Mahogany, Cherry and Walnut.

Wood borers also feed on exotic woods like Teak, Rosewood, Padauk, Camphor and Ebony.

The most common infestation occurs in old homes built with pressure treated wood that has been exposed to moisture over the years.


Borer infestation can cause costly damage to wooden floors, doors, and furniture. Avoid this problem by calling a local company for wood borer-control in Abu Dhabi. Pest control company Bright & Rise Pest control is a trained and knowledgeable professional that offers competitive rates for a wide range of wood-borer control services. We strive to provide the best quality products and excellent service for all our customers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A member of our team will promptly deal with your pest problems.

We use cutting edge technology such as thermal cameras to find hidden pests in your home, especially in flooring or walls that cannot be easily seen by the naked eye.