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 The rodent family includes warm-blooded animals found throughout the world. They cause significant damage to rice, fruit crops, and gardens. Several objects can be chewed by rodents, which cause extensive damage inside and near homes. Their saliva, feces, and urine also spread bacteria, viruses, and diseases.

Pest control professionals use traps for rats to prevent any potential infestation caused by these rodents. An inspection of your home will certainly assist you in removing rodents. We pride ourselves on our out-of-the-box pest control programmers for removing rodents and other pests. We are the best Pest Control Company in Abu Dhabi.

From the pest control experts in Abu-Dhabi, Bright & Rise Pest Control provides the best rodent control solution. The Bright & Rise pest Control Rodent / Rat Control service is a chemical-free rat control service that eliminates rats and mice by eliminating their food source. It can rid your home of rats or mice permanently.

 A rodent pest treatment service from Bright & Rise Pest Control is available in Abu Dhabi. Rodent pest treatment is accomplished using highly efficient and effective methods (mouse, rats, etc.). Our team of trained professionals will make sure that the rodent problem is resolved. It can be difficult to deal with mice, rats, and lizards.

 The pest control experts at Bright & Rise Pest Control in Abu Dhabi offer rodent control and rodent trapping services. With our eco-friendly products, no pesticides or fumigants are used, so you can be sure that there are no pests in your home or business.

Since 2017, Bright & Rise Pest Control has operated in the pest control industry. Rodents, insects, and birds are all kinds of pests we deal with in Abu Dhabi, including lizards, insects, and birds. Homeowners and businesses alike can take advantage of our service.

The presence of rodents at your premises.

 An evaluation of your home will help determine whether you have rodents in your home, their activity patterns, and most importantly, which rodent-control product is most effective. Here are some signs you may have rodents:

  • Dropped food.
  • Odors of urine.
  • Holes gnawed through.
  • Marks of rubbing and gnawing.
  • Rafts created by rodents.
  • Nests made by rodents.
  • The sound of scampering.
  • Unusual behavior from pets.

Rodent control services we provide

  • When it comes to rat control, the most important factor is to identify the source of the problem and, if it can’t be identified, you must eliminate the food supply, apart from the poison that will be used to get rid of the rats.
  • Placing rat glue boards in the rat-infested areas is the next step after inspecting those areas. Glue traps should be placed on the rat runways directly above the glue boards. Baseboards and walls are good places for rats to travel along, as they use them as a guide.
  • Bringing your neighbors up to speed on your rat pest control would be a good idea if they have pets as well. You might consider trapping for outdoor control, however.


Rodent control is a process of keeping rodents away from your premises. The presence of rodents at your premises can be very annoying and dangerous for your family and children. Rodents carry several diseases that spread in the air when they travel from one place to another. The spread of these diseases can be prevented if you call professional Pest Control Company like Bright & Rise Pest Control in Abu Dhabi. It will ensure that all rodents are removed before they infest other places around the city and spreading diseases to people. We provide best rat control services, rat treatment services, rat’s removal services, mouse exterminator services, mice control services in Abu Dhabi area.