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The Anti Termite treatment for structures after construction is called a post construction treatment.

The soil under and next to the formation treats underground termites with a termiticide or repellent. A pesticide emulsion is injected into the holes, which are then filled with a pesticide. Bright & Rise Pest Control can assist you in eliminating post-construction termite treatments.

Is it necessary to prevent termites?

Termite treatment is a critical part of home maintenance. A termite infestation can rapidly damage your home, resulting in expensive repairs. When termites are inspected, controlled, treated, and prevented properly, the required actions can result in long-term savings in the thousands

A Post-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment’s Benefits

Bright & Rise Pest Control provides the best post construction termite control which takes place after the structure has been finished and is ready for occupancy, or even after it has already been occupied. We will use a drill to puncture the floor gently so as to introduce chemicals, and then restore it almost to its original condition.

  • Clearly, we need to reinforce the termite route.
  • This is the more economical route.
  • Termites are more hygienic and less messy.

Accessible since inception

Termite-infested structures must undergo a comprehensive inspection. Termite infestations are determined by the size and route of attack, as well as the appropriate treatment method in the structure.

Holing up the floor with a drill

The use of chemical termiticides that have a sluggish action or don’t repel termites can be extremely efficient when used to eliminate them gradually by attacking their nervous system. The active termiticide in chemically treated soil is carried back to the nest by the termites. Due to coming into contact with the afflicted colonies, other colonies will also be impacted in the coming days. A domino effect will occur, releasing the entire colony.

Chemicals are injected through a pipeline using an injector

Drain the termite poison solution from the pipe by drilling a hole with the smallest drill bit possible. When chemicals were injected into PVC pipes, they were coated with a soft cloth to prevent the water from flowing too rapidly. Termites will certainly not damage your structure with the embedded pipe near the foundation. Even with constant monitoring by Pestcontrol, your structure will remain termite-free forever.

Ensure an outward as well as an internal installation of the bait

Find an active termite path before installing the termite bait. Pestcontrol professionals with extensive experience dealing with termites must supervise the entire process of developing an anti-termite bait system. Proper installation will ensure that the bait is consumed by the termites.